Friday, 10 June 2011

X Men...

First Class, mmmm. not so much. Second class and over the weekend with no deliveries on a Sunday, lucky to get anything good on a Saturday.

I thought the start and set up was all a bit scrappy, settling on nothing until we got to... *spoiler alert*  Xavier's home and the training. It all lacked humour, the dialogue lacked punch and wit with a fair bit of annoying on the nose "let's tell them straight just incase they don't understand our mutant feelings" dialogue. Shame. Wasted opportunity I think.

And the moves between the two stories of the lead lads' felt jarring and out of sync, and in light that we knew the two would meet, it seemed unnecessarily bitty.

The cast was good enough I think. Surprisingly I found Kevin Bacon not only terribly (worryingly) thin, but he lacked weight in his baddieness role. Yet in Hollow Man he's every bit the sinister creep. Good to see the Brits getting in there, especially Nicholas Hoult our growing lad from About a Boy and Skins. Blesssss. And I found Fass-(round the)-bender captivating - even more so than McAvoy. I'm not convinced James has the same theatrical, personality weight as our Patrick "engage" Stewart.

Then the big battle and climax it all seemed exciting and very much a proper action packed film and all... well most... well some... was forgiven. Not quite as miraculous as the repackaged Star Trek, but not bad.

I did enjoy it. Honest.

If you haven't guessed already - I'm writing this weekend. Have 14 pages to find from somewhere. Heheee. Have a great weekend, y'all!


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