Monday, 28 February 2011

Another week

Can't believe we're already at the end of February. Where does time go? :)

In progress, she does look a little scary still, but until the face is complete she will continue to look half reptile, half Egyptian Queen. Hehee. Happy new week to yous.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Find it a bit frustrating to try and get the blog page right. I don't know enough to edit the Html, and the templates provided are good, but I wish one had "more" choice for certain elements.

Never satisfied eh?

Ach well, if that's all I have to worry about . . . then things can't be that bad.

Oscar night tonight and the only night I actually wish I had Sky Tv. Shame the BBC lost the Oscars to Sky. Doh. Kings Speech v The Social Network, are my thoughts. On one side I hope K-Speech does well, being such a fabulous film and British. On the other, S-Network had such energy and style, one can see why it's done so well. Even bigger shame that Inception has been mostly overlooked in this year's award season. What a film!

Ach, time will tell on the rest with a mix of tears and smiles LA side, as we everyday peeps look on with wonder.

Have a great new week, everyone.


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tsk, tsk.

Well, it's the weekend, I should be writing and instead I'm here wasting key bashing time, blogging. Are blogs out of date? They do seem to have lost their cool edge in this digital age, where one week out, something newer supersedes the older.

I know I'm outta date, but we won't go into that. Thanks. :-p

Cold, wet and weekendy. *sigh* One neighbour above is sawing wood (don't ask, since I do not know) and the other has his radio on as if he's hearing impaired (I can assure you he's not, but he tends to do everything with the volume stuck too high - including his girlfriend). I guess sound proofing of flats wasn't the rage at the turn of the century.  Moving on swiftly...

And of course I really should get on with that writing thing. You just never know eh?

Have a good one, all. I'm off to find some creative motivation. :-s



Just don't forget Mother's Day! Just don't . . . :D

Friday, 25 February 2011

My first mosaic piece.

Haharrr :)

I'm blogging myself. Lol.

Ahh well, one of those things I guess. It's Friday, I need to get down to some writing. No resting on the old laurels eh?

Do you ever feel that it might be better to do less, concentrate on one thing and achieve a higher level of greatness, rather than try to do everything - less great? I always struggle to focus on one thing at a time, and wonder if I did, would it turn out wayyy better for it. Hmm.

And yet we carry one . . . .

Have a great day, me. And, you, if you happen to read this too.


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mum and babe

The real Alfie Pickle, Esq.


I used to have a blog once, years ago, before blogging was an everyday occurrence. Nowadays, it's more like "who isn't blogging, tweeting, Fbooking, living their life online?"

I return, renewed - well, quite knackered actually - with the intent to fuse all my arty farty bits together. Yeh, that sounds painful, but am hoping it won't be. Hoping.

Can't guarantee I will be a daily bloggist, but I hope to get the page sorted (with my limited web skills) before inflicting this bloggette onto anyone intentionally. Hahaa. If you happen to stumble upon this before I've had the chance to make the page right, apologies.

And have a fab weekend. ;D