Saturday, 30 July 2011

What the...?

TWO WEEKS since my last post!??!! Apologies for being so remiss. :(

Been busy mosaicking, working and writing of late. Yes, I have been doing constructive, creative stuff and trying to imitate a productive person. Can't say the same for Alfie... lol. :D

Hope you're all well out there.

It's the weekend yet again and nearly into a new month- AGAIN. Time flies when you're pretending to be busy.

Posted a couple of short scripts to here: Although, it's a strange place and reviews are few and far between. Rather odd. Such a shame Triggerstreet don't do shorts. Talking of whom their site has been overhauled. Can't say I'm a big fan of the new look, mind you the old one did look a little tired. The new site has a cold and impersonal feel and it's tricky to access the normal stuff. Plus they ignored my advice on the logo so I'm slightly biassed. Hehee. Ah well, as long as the head ponchos are happy, I guess that's obviously what matters, not the actual peeps who keep the place moving.

Ahem. Just another reason not to frequent the place... shame though. A few years back it did have a great community and friendly feel. And was the place that I first started screenwriting, or any writing in fact. So it still has a warm, mush place in my cold, old and bitter heart. :P

Still have to finish off my Tv drama tomorrow, can you believe I'm one page short! Grrr. Fwustrating to say the least. But did manage to get all the chores done today - in record time. Mwuhaharr.

Quick MOT on Alfie tomorrow and I can get key bashing.

On that note, I should get to bed so I don't lie in too late tomorrow. Things to do, pages to write.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Let's hope we get some sun, at last.


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cream crackered

Well, I seem to have been ultra busy this week with not a lot to show for it. Done NO writing = shocker. Tsk, tsk. And spent most of the week in the studio, doing something FOR the studio or generally things studio related. Hmm. Oddness. I do like work, but this is cwazy.


Have a sandwich kinda weekend coming up. A day off tomorrow, catching up with friends on Saturday and another day off on Sunday. And THEN volunteer in the studio Monday, Harry Potter Tuesday, working in the studio Wednesday and in the studio hut Thursday. I'm doubly exhausted just thinking about it!

Some writing "must" be done in between. Must.

Umm, other than that not a lot to moan about. I hear a collective "phew" in the background. HAha.

Hope your week has been going okay.

Enjoy your oncoming Friday! Bring on the weekend.


Warning - cat picture imminent! :-P

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


My portrait of Virginia Woolf is now on display at the Artist's in Residence hut along the Southbank. YAY! Still not tackled the new portrait - tres nervous.

The washing's out, so fingers crossed it will stay dry until teatime... hahahaaa. Hope you all have a great week!


Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Well, not a great deal to report I'm afraid... the exciting life I don't lead is obviously showing in my lack of posts. Whoops and a blush.

Started a new portrait in the studio this week of a local lady who fund raises and campaigns for the Waterloo community. I have to get this one right, as she can tell me off it turns out wrong. Eeek.

Wrote another few pages today on my drama that I want to send to the BBC. Whether they'll like it or not - is doubtful. They're a bit fussy. Which is intriguing since some of their comedies and dramas often miss their mark, but heyhoo. It's true when they say it's who you know in the business - although, it does help to be a shit hot, talented writer too. Of course.

Shall have to keep working at it until I'm at least talented and hope the shit hot level increases with time.

Hehee. Hope you're all having a super week so far. Have fun!