Saturday, 30 April 2011

The other loong weekend

Is here. And is long.


Should be writing, but of course, I'm finding all sort of things to do so I'm not. Lol. Tis life. Especially with a loong weekend - oh I have Sunday and Monday to do that. Next thing, it's Tuesday. Oopie. And to be honest I did very little yesterday, wedding nup-of-the-tuals and all that.

Had a row with Alfie cat yesterday after he non-affectionately nibbled on my bare arm. :( But we made up today after my revenge of claw clipping and ear cleaning, and I re-established who's boss - for 5 minutes at least. :D Here he is as a kitten, just look at that little face!

In fact imagine the same pose, but with a full grown Alfie Pickle. He's squidged on the sofa with me at the moment snoozing and taking up most of the room. Typical man. :-o

I will do some writing tomorrow - no excuses or playing around on my new Fb page. Hehee. Just hope more peeps join those, who've already kindly shown their support. :-s

Have a great weekend, one and all!


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