Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Yeh, well. Scrap that last post. I sent my email. Eeeek.

And on another thing been asked how much money do I want? LOL. If you have to ask then you can't afford me! :D Just kidding, I go very cheap - it has been known cheap, cheap and peanuts. But that's between you and me, okay?

Thanks. :o)

Alfie Pickle Esq seems as restless as me this week. Bless his fluffy white socks - which reminds me, claw clipping very soooon = less of the bless.

We keep going... and racing through the year.

Enjoy your week. We only have two more working days then a long weekend bookended by yet more Bank Holidays. Like the Banks need holidays - they earn enough they should bloomin' work for it more, imho.

> Onwards. :)

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