Thursday, 15 September 2016

Puff Westy

I'm such a contradiction of terms, thought I'd go to the gym before seeing my counsellor today. I thought wrong. Just trying to keep it together... again.

*Have I cried today = Riverdance...

*Have I slept > Nought to insomniac = A couple of restless hours.

*Have I exercised > Nought to Olympian = No.

*Anxiety level > Nought to butt explosive = 11. Explosive.

*Level of worry > Nought to Armageddon = 111.

*Dark thoughts > Nought to Da.Vader = 1111.

DWP still see me 'fit for work', the impromptu phone call from my doctor due to my crazy 1am email, suggests otherwise. And the PIP assessment report can't be sent out, because their network is down - story of my life.

Puffball me - looks like 
I've gone a couple of 
rounds with Mike Tyson. 

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