Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cream crackered

Well, I seem to have been ultra busy this week with not a lot to show for it. Done NO writing = shocker. Tsk, tsk. And spent most of the week in the studio, doing something FOR the studio or generally things studio related. Hmm. Oddness. I do like work, but this is cwazy.


Have a sandwich kinda weekend coming up. A day off tomorrow, catching up with friends on Saturday and another day off on Sunday. And THEN volunteer in the studio Monday, Harry Potter Tuesday, working in the studio Wednesday and in the studio hut Thursday. I'm doubly exhausted just thinking about it!

Some writing "must" be done in between. Must.

Umm, other than that not a lot to moan about. I hear a collective "phew" in the background. HAha.

Hope your week has been going okay.

Enjoy your oncoming Friday! Bring on the weekend.


Warning - cat picture imminent! :-P

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