Sunday, 28 August 2011

Of course.

One blog post a month! I'm so crap at this bloggering thingmajiggy. My apologies.

Spent most of this month mosaicking. If not working at the studio, I'm volunteering for the studio or at the Artists resident's hut for the studio. Basically. And building up my mosaicking callouses nicely by making small pieces, but not much progress on the main portrait work. One more week of the hut and I can get back to the latter. Yay!

Forgot to set my alarm properly this morning and nearly didn't make it to the hut at all. Whoopsie. ;-)

The writing has been pretty quiet too. Polished'n'tweaked a couple of short scripts that have so far got nowhere. And started a new feature script - only a few pages in and missing a title, which I usually have early on in. Doesn't bode well does it? One day I might give up the key bashing malarky in a hopeless hope to one day sell a script - and retire. :) Lol. One day. That day is not today, err, and it won't be tomorrow either.

Ahhh well, we keep going...

Hope you're all well and a happy new week - or should I say happy new month to yous.


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